Pandora Watch 2 Being Released July / August 2020.

This hottest product of 2020

Pandora have been working hard behind the scenes to provide the first car alarm smart watch that gives you everything required to arm & disarm your alarm via the watch. And to view all smartphone notifications from your smartphone. We have been lucky enough to be a product tester of this watch and we have been blown away with it’s performance.

The last part which needs tweeking is the fitness side of the watch. This is currently being worked on by Pandora and they are hoping to release the full product between June – August 2020, meaning the wait is almost over.

The Pandora watch can work with almost all Pandora systems on the market except the Professional V1. Please be aware if you are adding this watch onto an order system your alarm might need a Bluetooth update before it will allow the watch to pair.

The Pandora watch 2 will take the car security to a new level. On certain installs we will be able to make the watch work as your car key meaning you wouldn’t even need to use your vehicles key.