Pandora Band

The latest release from Pandora the Pandora Band, it is designed to work as a tag to arm and disarm your system along with working as an ADR tag. This is ideal if you have a full alarm and remote start system with the optional Pandora Key. This will then allow you to use your Pandora Band as your vehicles car key. ( only applies to keyless vehicles ).

The band gives you the current time and the status of your vehicle such as locked / unlocked providing your within Bluetooth range. The idea of the Band is to make it very easy to simply open and drive your vehicle without the hassle of keys for example. ( however we always recommend carrying an emergency key & pandora tag incase you forget to charge the Pandora Band.

The Band charges by USB meaning there are no ongoing costs and its simple to use. We can add these to all the newer Pandora alarm range. We only recommend this Band if you have a Pandora Key system installed, if your unsure call us on 07525 068291 to find out more.