Pandora Wireless Immobiliser Modules

The latest release from Pandora is here, there very secure wireless immobiliser modules which can be installed anywhere within the vehicle. This gives security unlike any other alarm product on the market, even if a thief was able to find the alarm module and trace back every single wire they still won’t be able to get the vehicle started giving you excellent protection. What do Pandora say?

Pandora now “cuts the cables” by applying wireless technology through Bluetooth LE v4.2 communication protocol to its new generation anti-theft systems. This communication protocol chosen by Pandora is ideal for short-range wireless communication (range up to 10m) because the 128bit AES encryption method is used to transmit the communication data, has a peak current consumption of <15mA, and cannot be detected by another device when it is paired with authorized devices.

No Wires. No Limits. Anti-Theft Protection.

The use of this method significantly increases anti-theft protection of new generation Pandora’s protection systems because it gives freedom of placement of individual peripherals, anywhere in the vehicle we want and as hidden as possible.

Thus, Pandora decentralizes the central unit’s anti-theft functions in sub-units that either send information from built-in sensors (such as engine temperature, humidity, etc.) to the central unit for further processing, or trigger the block for which they are programmed when the communication with the central unit is lost or some movement is detected by the built-in acceleration sensor.

Designing these peripherals with their minimal dimensions and robust construction, Pandora has achieved maximum energy efficiency and full integration and harmonizing with vehicle wiring so as to make them invisible and practically impossible to locate by the prospective thief, even if he has enough time to deal with your vehicle.

Complete Anti-Theft Protection, even if the thieves find and unplug the alarm unit, the engine will turn off as soon as the vehicle start moving.