PS-332BT Thatcham siren

Pandora have been working hard to provide a battery back up wireless siren which will allow the system to become Thatcham approved in the UK. We have been testing the PS-331BT siren for many months on our own work vehicle and we can say it works fantastic. The idea behind the BT siren is it means you don’t have to run or drill holes within the vehicles engine bay to run siren wires. You simply link up the live and earth within the engine bay and the alarm does the rest completely wireless.

With the inbuilt battery you can be assured if the siren is attacked the battery back up will kick in and it will allow the siren to keep sounding. The siren is also very flat meaning it can be mounted easily within most modern engine bays.

The siren is set to be released shortly. ( December 2019 to early 2020. )

Pandora PS-331BT Siren

The NEW siren to be released shortly by Pandora. The PS-331BT offering a VERY loud 130 db siren with full on board battery back up. This will be added to the Thatcham approved range of Pandora systems to allow them to go through Thatcham testing. The great part about this siren is no wiring has to be routed through the vehicles firewall ( interior cabin to engine bay ) meaning no holes need to be made in grommets or holes drilled in the metal to gain entry.

This also offers a temperature sensor which can be mounted to the vehicles engine or coolant pipes which give a temperature reading on the Pandora app or remote control. The PS-331BT connects via a Bluetooth connection which is highly encrypted to stop forms of cloning or blocking in order to try and disable the system.

Pandora Russia have tested this siren to the extreme. They have blown it up, driven over it, put it in a bucket of water and it still works after all this! Pandora has also made the siren to ISO approval standard.