Pandora Storm Plus

Exclusive offer

The all new Pandora Storm Plus offering an ultra secure immobiliser along with GPS Tracking and GSM Calls and texts if your vehicle is attacked. The Storm Plus causes no hassle to the vehicles owner simply unlock the vehicle and use your vehicle as normal. The Storm Plus looks for a ADR tag to be in range when unlocking the vehicle, without this tag in range the immobiliser will remain armed and you will get a phone call & text to let you know the vehicle is being attacked.

The Storm Plus is an advancement over the normal Pandora Storm product, many customers were asking for an immobiliser that alerts them if the vehicle is being attacked and the Pandora Storm ticks all the boxes. The Pandora Storm Plus can also use a Bluetooth smartphone in an emergency as an ADR tag to allow the system to turn off. If you don’t have a smartphone to disarm you can always use the secret 4 digit pin number.

We include an exclusive 12 months subscription with the Pandora Storm Plus meaning the system will stay online for 12 months free of charge, after 12 months the subscription is £100 per year to keep the system active. By keeping the subscription active this allows live GPS tracking and Calls / Texts if the vehicle is attacked.

The Pandora Storm Plus uses the Pandora Connect app giving you a large amount of information on the vehicle status such as if the vehicle is locked or unlocked, previous history reports such as locking & unlocking and routes the vehicle has taken.