BMW F Series Pandora Storm Validator Buttons

BMW F Series Validator Buttons

The BMW F Series has been a very popular vehicle platform and as such we wanted to offer customers the ability to use the steering wheel buttons and window buttons to create a pin. Until this customer created pin is entered the vehicle will simply not start. The Pandora Storm still needs to see the Pandora ADR tag to disarm the system also meaning its more secure than any other system currently on the market using 2 forms of driver recognition.

The Pandora Storm is simply an immobiliser that sits in the background meaning there is no siren or other alerts, it’s simply a strong immobiliser. We also offer free anti hijack on all BMW F – Series models meaning if the Pandora ADR tag and Smartphone leave the interior shortly after the vehicle will start counting down and the vehicle will immobilise once motion is detected.

You have a choice of 6 buttons on the BMWs meaning you can create a very stong pin number, most customers create a pin between 4-6 digits long from the buttons avaliable. If you would like a Pandora Storm fitted to your BMW in the Essex area give us a call on 07525 068291.