Pandora Smart Pro V3 Launched 2021

The latest alarm for 2021

The Pandora Smart Pro v3 is the alarm system other brands could only dream of creating. The Pandora Smart Pro V3 is ultra small and features the very latest tech such as Bluetooth 5 connection and 4G connection. The system working on 4G means the alerts come through to your smartphone almost instantly.

The system will also phone you in the event of an alarm trigger meaning you will know when your alarm is triggered ( even if you can’t hear the alarms siren ). We now offer an exclusive deal when buying through In Car Advancements, we offer a full 12 month subscription FREE of charge when buying a Smart Pro or Elite V2 through us.

The Pandora Smart Pro V3 also features the new style Pandora ADR tags which have just been released in 2021. As always the Pandora uses the most advanced security encription possible on ANY car alarm in the UK. The Smart Pro V3 uses no external components or aerials meaning it can be hidden within the vehicle very well with little chance of being found.

The Pandora Smart Pro has come from a very basic alarm and tracker to the very best system in the market place offering a full alarm, immobilisation, GPS tracking and GSM phone calls and notifications. You will be the first to know if your vehicle is being attacked. We are the Pandora Platinum dealer in the Essex area offering Smart Pro V3 installations, call us today on 07525 068291.