Pandora Professional V2

The Pandora Professional V2 has landed today. As always the Pandora Professional v2 is more advanced than ever before. Pandora constantly improve time after time with there product releases. The V2 offers full battery onboard back up incase the power is lost to the vehicle and a fully rechargable remote control meaning you don’t have to pay for AAA batteries ever again.

The Pandora Professional is designed for customers that want the best and nothing less. The Professional has a very detailed LCD remote with the full online service meaning your car can be tracked via a smartphone or desktop PC ( Subscription required ). It has the ability to track the vehicle at anytime and offers all the features of the Pandora Light Pro. This system allows you to add the wireless immobiliser modules giving you ultimate security. The system can also be programmed to unlock your vehicle when walking towards it, giving you complete control over your vehicle. The Professional also offers you the ability to adjust every sensors via the LCD remote or your smartphone this even includes the proximity sensor.

Pandora DXL 5000 Pro V2 is a telemetric security system includes all of the best features that Pandora has to offer. There are many original solutions applied in the system which makes it one of the most complete and safe systems on the market. All of the software in Pandora DXL Pro V2 has been upgraded. The alarm system has a new GSM/GPS/GLONASS beacon which provides additional connection to a satellite in case the main signal is blocked. All the functions of the security system can be applied and monitored by using a remote control, mobile phone or by using an internet service


Pandora DXL 5000 Pro V2 technical features:

  • Remote start ( Optional Extra )
  • Dialog code
  • Turbo timer ( Optional Extra )
  • GSM
  • CAN-bus connection
  • GPS
  • Remote LCD two-way pager
  • Additional one-way pager
  • Immobilizer with tags
  • Shock sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • Tilt sensor
  • Wireless engine lock switch