Pandora Alarm Quality

Pandora is NEW to the UK and is quickly becoming the best known brand for the most advanced security. Pandora have been making alarms since 2004 and they are regarded very highly across the world. All products are made at the Russia HQ. Meaning you are not buying a product from China or Taiwan, Pandora quality control is industry leading.

  What do Pandora say?

Experimental Engineering Factory is a privately owned Russian electronics company, founded in Kaluga city in Western Russia in 2004. Originally profiling in car security systems, nowadays our modern manufacturing facilities are capable of producing virtually any electronics.

Pandora research and development department consists of best engineers, programmers and designers Russian education has to offer, both young and elderly they combine traditionally reliable soviet engineering with cutting edge technology to draft ingenious electronic designs.

Our production department and factory workers then make them into a brilliant reality. That resulting in Pandora being capable of producing custom electronics and microelectronics of almost any complexity.