Pandora Wireless OBD Immobiliser

The wireless OBD Immobiliser add on is another layer of protection….

This is a fantastic add on which will wrap your vehicle in protection to work alongside other Pandora immobilsation points within your vehicle. Many customers have had vehicles broken into with key cloning attempts causing damage to the vehicles ECU. This can be a key cloning tool which wasn’t loaded with the correct firmware causing the original ECU file to become corrupt. The wireless Pandora OBD immobiliser completely stops any form of communication with the OBD port when the alarm system is armed.

This works via the secure Pandora wireless link that allows the alarm control unit to communicate with the wireless OBD immobiliser. Meaning if your alarm is armed and a thief is unaware your vehicle is fitted with additional security and the OBD port is attacked no damage can be caused to the vehicles ECU or NO new keys can be cloned in. Simply because the Pandora wireless immobiliser blocks all Can-Bus data being sent and received.

This is a fantastic add on which will slow any thief down massively due to the immobiliser being wireless a thief simply wouldn’t know where it was located within the vehicles harness. And due to it’s size it can be loomed in perfectly.

If your looking to enhance your vehicles OBD security look no further than the Pandora OBD immobiliser, this can be added onto the Pandora Mini BT, Light Pro, Smart Pro and Pandora Elite models.