Pandora Motorbike Alarm

Would you like a motorbike alarm you can arm and not worry about your battery going flat within 2 weeks? The Pandora Moto is the system for you, when armed the system goes into a ultra low battery drain state and allows the Motorbike battery to stay charged for up to 3 months. This is industry leading tech which is hitting the UK this summer 2018.

Complete with up to 1 mile range 2 way LCD remote giving you instant alerts if your bike is tampered with or attacked. Wireless immobilisation relays make tracing wires back to immobiliser connections a thing of the past! Ultra high security and excellent performance all round.

What do Pandora say?

Pandora has produced a new motorcycle alarm system – Pandora Moto, which is to provide every motorcycle with a high security level.

System’s main unit has a waterproof case, a built-in antenna and RF-module. There is also an integrated battery – even if a main motorcycle’s battery is removed, Pandora Moto will be able to continue working for another two or three hours. Hence, it makes possible receiving commands and sending notifications with no one noticing it.

In order to control the system an LCD remote D-010 is used – this is the same remote as the one in Pandora DX-90, but with a special moto-firmware. Remote uses 868 MHz radiofrequency.

Once of a most important system’s feature is a low power usage – from 2 to 6 mA! By using automatically switched consumption modes Pandora Moto is able keep 9 A/h motorcycle’s battery charged enough for 3 months without riding! The system has a siren, a wireless blockage relay and two magnetic contacts in its set.