Pandora Dual Zone Microwave

The Pandora dual zone microwave sensor is fitted to a vehicle, when a customer wants to know if anyone / thief is looking through the window glass. This sensor protects the exterior of the vehicle and the interior giving you excellent protection. The Pandora Dual Zone Microwave can be mounted under the plastic interior trims meaning you don’t see the sensor once installed.

If motion is detected from the exterior of the vehicle the siren will start chirping. If you have a Pandora Light Pro fitted and your within 1 mile of the vehicle the remote will also alert you of motion detection. If a window is smashed or movement is detected inside the vehicles interior the alarm will instantly trigger sounding it’s 118db siren. ( And alerting you via remote Pandora Light Pro )

This sensor can be added to ANY Pandora alarm system. All adjustments are done via the sensor itself.