Pandora Quality confirmed EU certificates and ISO Approval

Pandora have now got all EU certificates and ISO approvals meaning fitting a Pandora car security system to your car or van will not void your manufatures warranty. All car manufatures set out different guidelines for installing devices once the vehicle has left the car dealership. The Pandora car alarms sold in the UK are approved by all major requirements such as the EU Certicate, CE approval and the ISO approval. A major fact Pandora is the ONLY car security manufature in Russia that is ISO approved.

What do Pandora say on the subject?

Pandora actively monitors all legal requirements and constantly improves not only products, but also the culture of production and work with our customers. This is why we significantly differ not only from our competitors, but also from the majority of automotive equipment manufacturers from Russia and the CIS. The confirmation of these words is the fact that currently Pandora is the only automotive electronics manufacturer in Russia certified in accordance with the international standard ISO / TS 16949.

Feeling the constant interest in our products from the European consumers, we decided to obtain European certificates E-mark one year ago. This allows our clients to be absolutely sure in electrical safety of our alarm systems and not being afraid to lose car manufacturer’s warranty or have some problems with the insurance companies.