Pandora Elite Released March 2020

Essex Platinum Dealer Exclusive….

The BEST car alarm in the world… The Pandora Elite offers MORE than any other security product on the market, The Pandora Elite offers a full alarm, Immobilisation, GPS Web & Smartphone Tracking, GSM phone alerts over the latest 4G network, A flashing Pandora Windowscreen LED, Lora Encription, The Latest OLED remote control.

The Pandora Elite is simply the best system if you want high end security and your not on a strict budget. The Pandora Elite is ONLY fitted by Platinum dealers in the UK meaning only the best engineers in the UK are fitting them.

The Pandora Elite has more inputs and outputs over any other alarm system meaning the possibilities are endless. With the ability to add more Bluetooth sensors and wireless immobilisers than any other product on the market you could make your vehicle even more secure with another 2 wireless immobilisation modules.

If you would like the Pandora Elite installed in Essex give us a call on 07525 068291.