Pandora VS-24 BT Dual Zone Warn Away

COMING SOON…. Late 2021 The NEW Bluetooth Warn Away Sensor

We have been awaiting this sensor for many years, Pandora has just started production in Russia of the brand new sensor which will be fully adjusted via the app. This sensor will be a complete game changer for anyone wanting warn away on their vehicle. At the moment a customer would need to get to the sensor to make the required adjustments, but when the bluetooth sensor is released it will allow the customer to make even the smallest amount of adjustments via the Bluetooth or GSM app in seconds.

This has taken a very long time to design and as such I am sure the wait will be worth it. The only Pandora system which offered adjustment of the warn away through the app was the Pandora Professional V1, This give customers the ability to make adjustments from the App or the remote control however this was not used any longer when the systems went over to Bluetooth. As such we have been waiting for Pandora to create a Bluetooth sensor.

Bluetooth is the best way to have lots of sensors paired into an alarm system, as such all the latest sensors are Bluetooth from the Pandora range. This sensor is due to be released later this year 2021…

Pandora VS24

Being released from Pandora in 2019 the Bluetooth dual zone proximity sensor. Unless you have the Pandora Professional system were you can adjust the sensativity via your smartphone, adjusting the proximity has always been an issue on the other models. As such if you want to make changes to the proximity sensor you would need to gain access to the sensor itself. In the mean time Pandora have been working hard to make a worlds first Bluetooth sensor which can be controlled via the Pandora Bluetooth app. This means it will allow customers to make changes to the sensativity very quickly via the app from your smartphone. The new dual zone proximity sensor will be the most stable and accurate proximity sensor ever seen in the UK before.

What do Pandora say?

VS-24 is a wireless two-level volume sensor designed to work with Pandora systems by a Bluetooth connection. New algorithms for auto calibration and object movement detection are
used in the sensor. These algorithms significantly increased the protection against false alarms. The sensor allows to secure your vehicle interior in the armed mode and during a remote
start procedure, it helps to prevent attempts of intrusion. The sensor increases the protection against thefts and gives peace of mind to an owner.

We will update this post when the VS-24 dual zone proximity is released in 2019.