Pandora Wireless Shock Sensor

Pandora Wireless Shock

Ideal for van owners wanting the best security to protect the load area. The Pandora Wireless shock detects physical impact ( shock ) & tilting meaning they are the perfect item to fit onto side load and rear barn doors. Thieves are attacking vans on a daily basis and as such owners are looking to do everything possible to secure there vehicles.

The Pandora Wireless shock gives you the best chance of being alerted ( by the siren sounding ) in the first event of the van doors being attacked, if they sense any vibration from drills or hammers the Pandora alarm system will trigger.

Due to the advancements in electrical components the sensors use very little power from the internal CR123 battery. Meaning you only need to replace the battery every 18-24 months. These sensors are an excellent add on to any Pandora van alarm installation.