Pandora iOS update

Pandora have released there latest software update for iOS devices ( Apple ). This gives the customer / user more control than ever before offering excellent performance from all apple devices even the apple watch.

4 main improvements have been made.

1. Added car skins

Now each user can choose the type of body that corresponds to his car, motorcycle, ATV or even snowmobile. If you have more than one system in one account, then you can configure different skins for each of your systems.

2. Display of fuel level in liters

Depending on the make and model of the car and the CAN connection source (digital bus), it is possible to display the fuel level in liters. In this case, the user does not need to create a calibration table on the telemetry platform You must select the CAN data source from the Pandora Pro / Online mobile application.

3. The Primary Settings Wizard for Bluetooth Systems (iOS)

Now the installer or advanced user, if necessary, can make changes to the basic settings of the anti-theft system without connecting the “Alarm Studio” program directly from his mobile phone through the Pandora PRO application.

4. Autonomous operation of Apple Watch

Now the user does not need to necessarily run the mobile application Pandora Pro and log in to it so that the application on Apple Watch worked. The Pandora Pro application for Apple Watch will work autonomously after the initial launch. The user is also available all the management actions with Apple Watch in off-line mode: disarm, start the engine, view the location, etc.

Pandora constantly updates and improves its mobile applications so that our users around the world can receive all the advantages of the most advanced technologies in the world.