Pandora Alarms Maintenance Mode

The latest alarm firmware and Bluetooth updates from Pandora make the system more reliable but also more user friendly, Pandora are always looking for ways to make it easier and faster to make the system do what you want in seconds. and as such they have done it once again. Many dealerships don’t want a security system active while they are carrying out servicing or software updates. As such you can put your Pandora alarm system into Maintenance / Service mode by switching the ignition ON & simply holding the button on the ADR tag for 3 seconds ( 3 red led blinks ) then release. To exit the Maintenance mode you simply repeat holding the adr button for 3 seconds with the ignition on.

When the system is in Maintenance mode / Service mode nothing in terms of the security will be active such as alarm triggers, notifications or Immobilisation. This means you MUST exit maintenance mode instantly when leaving the dealership to make sure your vehicle is secure.