Ford Custom Van Pandora Light Pro Package

Pandora is the solution to the worried tradesman who are looking for the most advanced protection. Who cares if your alarm is sounding? YOU DO… With the Pandora Light Pro it offers tradesman the ability to know if there alarm is sounding up to 1 mile way. making this the perfect security solutions if you have to park away from a customers home or if you have to stop over in hotels on a regular basis. The Pandora Light pro offers complete control of your vehicle via the remote control and smartphone app which is available for Apple and Android smartphones.

120DB siren plus horn ✅ 128Bit Encrypted remotes ✅ Handsfree arming ✅. Smartphone App ✅. Tilt sensor ✅. Dual Zone Shock sensor✅ Movement sensor ✅. Optional remote start ✅.  2 x immobiliser ✅

There is so much protection Pandora has to offer such as protection for your doors, front, side and rear, dual zone shock sensor, tilt sensor to protect them alloys and onboard motion sensor which is designed to detect lifting and tow away thefts. You can add remote start and dual zone proximity as an optional extra.  The smartphone app allows you to make changes to the settings on the alarm system very quickly giving you total control.

We also offer the new wireless sensor which is designed to protect the sliding and rear barn doors from attempts of door bending and forceful attacks.