Ford Fiesta ST Package Deal

Pandora Authorised Dealers through April 2018. Now only £499.99 fully fitted.

So what’s included in this awesome package?

120DB siren plus horn ✅ 128Bit Encrypted remotes ✅ Handsfree arming ✅. Smartphone App ✅. Tilt sensor ✅. Dual Zone Shock sensor✅ Movement sensor ✅. Optional remote start ✅. Antihijack ✅. 2 x immobiliser ✅

The Pandora Mini BT is the system which offers excellent protection for customers on a budget looking for the very best security. For this month we are offering the Mini BT with excellent security options for the very low cost of £499.99! Remember this system offers complete smartphone control unlike any other system in the UK.

This system offers OBD immobilisation, Engine ECU Immobilisation and a full alarm system all controlled via a small ADR tag which sits on the vehicles key ring. The system can also be fully controlled via your smartphone, being able to make quick adjustments such as ADR range, dual zone shock sensor adjustments, tilt adjustments and view all history from the alarm system.

Why not book your Fiesta ST in today 07525 068291. Covering the local Essex are via our mobile service.