Pandora Light Pro V2 Thatcham

Key Features…

  • 2 Way LCD 1 Mile Remote
  • USB Recharagable Remote
  • Immobiliser ( ADR ) Tag
  • Full Alarm & Immobiliser
  • Smartphone Control ( Bluetooth )
  • Engine Immobiliser
  • Shock Sensor
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Thatcham Cat 1
  • Remote Start ( Optional Extra )
  • Dual Zone Proximity ( Optional Extra )
  • OBD Port Immobiliser ( Optional Extra )

Product Description

Pandora Light Pro is an all-around convenient car security & remote start* system. If your looking for total security and to be alerted if your car is in close proximity ( up to 1 mile ) the light pro v2 Thatcham approved is ideal. The system features the very well known ADR tag which must be within range to allow the alarm to disarm and to disable the on board immobilisation. This Pandora ADR tag can’t be key cloned or key scanned making it the most important piece of the security system.

The Light Pro V2 remote also allows easy adjustment of the onboard sensors such as the dual zone shock, tilt and motion. You can easily check the vehicles status such as the vehicle being locked or unlocked at any time. The Pandora Light Pro V2 allows many Bluetooth sensors and immobilsation moudles to be added at any time, meaning the system can be enhanced even further at a later date.

Smart automatic engine start ( Optional Extra )

Pandora Light Pro allows implementing remote and automatic engine starts. The system reliably controls the main engine parameters and car state during remote start procedure. The flexible and efficient system allows you to start the engine by time, voltage, temperature, on command from the remote control. The automatic engine start procedures operate independently of the presence of communication with the remote control elements of the system. Please be aware remote start doesn’t come as standard and it’s possible to add remote start to 99% of vehciles on the road.

​​Mobile Pandora BT Smartphone app

New mobile applications for Android and iOS (Pandora BT) control the main functions of the system (arming/disarming, engine operation, control over engine and engine preheaters operation). The applications provide service information: events history, on-board voltage, engine and interior temperature, fuel level. Pandora BT application allows you to set remote and automatic engine start parameters, shock/tilt/motion sensors sensitivity, it also allows you to adjust radio tags for Hands Free function* and use your mobile phone as a radio tag. The system provides a reliable connection with all smartphones that supports Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy protocol. Please be aware handsfree locking / unlocking is not fitted as standard and many vehicles require additional parts.

The All NEW USB Recharagable Remote

The new remote control provides control of all modes of the security system and car state:

  • informative high-contrast OLED-display
  • display of all security zones of a car
  • temperature, voltage and fuel level are always on your display*
  • multichannel 868MHz RFM-interface with constant connection control
  • long communication range up to 1 mile
  • ergonomic design
  • No worries about on going battery costs

Low power consumption

The most modern algorithmic solutions, the latest electronic components and the new MCU Cortex M4 allow you to extend the system’s operation time in “Arm” mode  as long as possible without the need to recharge the battery. As such this system WILL NOT flag voltage drain issues on the vehicles in screen dash such as BMW and Range Rover.

We supply and fit the Pandora Light Pro V2 in Essex and all local area’s such as…. Basildon, Brentwood, Romford, Hornchurch, Barking, Dagenham, Ilford, Thurrock, South Ockenden, Billericay, Grays, Southend, Southwoodham ferrers, Chelmsford.

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