Pandora Elite Thatcham Cat 1

The BEST alarm & immobiliser in the world Thatcham Cat 1

Thatcham approval number TSC250

The Pandora Elite Thatcham Cat 1 is simply for customers wanting the best car security product in the world. The Pandora Elite uses the latest technology from Pandora such as Lora and Bluetooth 5 for the more secure and fastest connection possible. The Elite is packed with every feature you could possibly want from a security system.

  • Thatcham Cat 1
  • Lora
  • Bluetooth 5
  • 4G GSM connection
  • GPS Smartphone & web tracking
  • Battery back up siren
  • OLED Remote
  • Flashing Pandora Window LED
  • Remote Start* (optional extra)
  • Bluetooth Wireless Add Ons* (optional extra)

The worlds best and most advanced car alarm just got even better! With all NEW features which include its own built in backup Battery, which gives the system full power even if the vehicles battery is disconnected. The Pandora Elite will keep you updated real time through its long range OLED pager remote, built in GSM modem which calls, test and also communicates through 4G. Receive important alarm and service notifications straight through the mobile phone network. Just call the system number and enter a command to control or configure your system. All this can be done anywhere in the world using Pandora’s specially designed smartphone app. Available for both iOS & Android.The Pandora Elite now also has a 5.0 Bluetooth modem. This allows for short range control from your smartphone even if your phone doesn’t have phone signal. Pandora Elite car alarm package also includes up to 5 immobilisers points on your vehicle all controlled by you. This includes two hidden wireless Bluetooth immobilisers. These immobiliser can be hidden anywhere in the car killing important electrical circuits stopping the car from starting or moving. With no wires to follow it’s almost impossible to find these hidden immobiliser easily! Please note: Extra fitting charge will be added for all immobilisation points to be fitted to your vehicle.

The flashing window mounted LED lets people know your vehicle is secured by Pandora before they even get close to your pride and joy. The Window aerial also features an SOS button which can be used in an emergency alerting an added contact. As with all our online systems we offer 12 months subscription FREE of charge.

We supply and fit the Pandora Elite V2 in Essex and all local area’s such as…. Basildon, Brentwood, Romford, Hornchurch, Barking, Dagenham, Ilford, Thurrock, South Ockenden, Billericay, Grays, Southend, Southwoodham ferrers, Chelmsford.

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