Pandora Professional V2

The Pandora Professional V2 has landed today. As always the Pandora Professional v2 is more advanced than ever before. Pandora constantly improve time after time with there product releases. The V2 offers full battery onboard back up incase the power is lost to the vehicle and a fully rechargable remote control meaning you don’t have to pay for AAA batteries ever again.

The Pandora Professional is designed for customers that want the best and nothing less. The Professional has a very detailed LCD remote with the full online service meaning your car can be tracked via a smartphone or desktop PC ( Subscription required ). It has the ability to track the vehicle at anytime and offers all the features of the Pandora Light Pro. This system allows you to add the wireless immobiliser modules giving you ultimate security. The system can also be programmed to unlock your vehicle when walking towards it, giving you complete control over your vehicle. The Professional also offers you the ability to adjust every sensors via the LCD remote or your smartphone this even includes the proximity sensor.

Pandora DXL 5000 Pro V2 is a telemetric security system includes all of the best features that Pandora has to offer. There are many original solutions applied in the system which makes it one of the most complete and safe systems on the market. All of the software in Pandora DXL Pro V2 has been upgraded. The alarm system has a new GSM/GPS/GLONASS beacon which provides additional connection to a satellite in case the main signal is blocked. All the functions of the security system can be applied and monitored by using a remote control, mobile phone or by using an internet service


Pandora DXL 5000 Pro V2 technical features:

  • Remote start ( Optional Extra )
  • Dialog code
  • Turbo timer ( Optional Extra )
  • GSM
  • CAN-bus connection
  • GPS
  • Remote LCD two-way pager
  • Additional one-way pager
  • Immobilizer with tags
  • Shock sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • Tilt sensor
  • Wireless engine lock switch

Pandora Quality confirmed EU certificates and ISO Approval

Pandora have now got all EU certificates and ISO approvals meaning fitting a Pandora car security system to your car or van will not void your manufatures warranty. All car manufatures set out different guidelines for installing devices once the vehicle has left the car dealership. The Pandora car alarms sold in the UK are approved by all major requirements such as the EU Certicate, CE approval and the ISO approval. A major fact Pandora is the ONLY car security manufature in Russia that is ISO approved.

What do Pandora say on the subject?

Pandora actively monitors all legal requirements and constantly improves not only products, but also the culture of production and work with our customers. This is why we significantly differ not only from our competitors, but also from the majority of automotive equipment manufacturers from Russia and the CIS. The confirmation of these words is the fact that currently Pandora is the only automotive electronics manufacturer in Russia certified in accordance with the international standard ISO / TS 16949.

Feeling the constant interest in our products from the European consumers, we decided to obtain European certificates E-mark one year ago. This allows our clients to be absolutely sure in electrical safety of our alarm systems and not being afraid to lose car manufacturer’s warranty or have some problems with the insurance companies.

Pandora VS24

Being released from Pandora in 2019 the Bluetooth dual zone proximity sensor. Unless you have the Pandora Professional system were you can adjust the sensativity via your smartphone, adjusting the proximity has always been an issue on the other models. As such if you want to make changes to the proximity sensor you would need to gain access to the sensor itself. In the mean time Pandora have been working hard to make a worlds first Bluetooth sensor which can be controlled via the Pandora Bluetooth app. This means it will allow customers to make changes to the sensativity very quickly via the app from your smartphone. The new dual zone proximity sensor will be the most stable and accurate proximity sensor ever seen in the UK before.

What do Pandora say?

VS-24 is a wireless two-level volume sensor designed to work with Pandora systems by a Bluetooth connection. New algorithms for auto calibration and object movement detection are
used in the sensor. These algorithms significantly increased the protection against false alarms. The sensor allows to secure your vehicle interior in the armed mode and during a remote
start procedure, it helps to prevent attempts of intrusion. The sensor increases the protection against thefts and gives peace of mind to an owner.

We will update this post when the VS-24 dual zone proximity is released in 2019.

Pandora iOS update

Pandora have released there latest software update for iOS devices ( Apple ). This gives the customer / user more control than ever before offering excellent performance from all apple devices even the apple watch.

4 main improvements have been made.

1. Added car skins

Now each user can choose the type of body that corresponds to his car, motorcycle, ATV or even snowmobile. If you have more than one system in one account, then you can configure different skins for each of your systems.

2. Display of fuel level in liters

Depending on the make and model of the car and the CAN connection source (digital bus), it is possible to display the fuel level in liters. In this case, the user does not need to create a calibration table on the telemetry platform You must select the CAN data source from the Pandora Pro / Online mobile application.

3. The Primary Settings Wizard for Bluetooth Systems (iOS)

Now the installer or advanced user, if necessary, can make changes to the basic settings of the anti-theft system without connecting the “Alarm Studio” program directly from his mobile phone through the Pandora PRO application.

4. Autonomous operation of Apple Watch

Now the user does not need to necessarily run the mobile application Pandora Pro and log in to it so that the application on Apple Watch worked. The Pandora Pro application for Apple Watch will work autonomously after the initial launch. The user is also available all the management actions with Apple Watch in off-line mode: disarm, start the engine, view the location, etc.

Pandora constantly updates and improves its mobile applications so that our users around the world can receive all the advantages of the most advanced technologies in the world.

Pandora Platinum Dealer Essex

In Car Advancements are a fully approved Pandora Car Alarms Platinum Dealer in the Essex area. Pandora Car Alarms offer an excellent range of security products which are very involved to install. As such customers want complete piece of mind there security equipment is going to be installed to a high standard. As such Pandora have made a list of approved platinum dealer list which means any customer can go on the search tool and find all approved local Pandora car alarm dealers in there area.

Why buy from a Pandora Platinum Dealer?

  • A Platinum Dealer understands the product range.
  • Guaranteed a high quality installation.
  • Understand your requirements and advise honest guidance.
  • 3 year product warranty.
  • Outstanding product after sales support.

Want a Pandora Car Alarm installed in Essex? Call us now on 07525 068291.

Pandora Wireless Immobiliser Modules

The latest release from Pandora is here, there very secure wireless immobiliser modules which can be installed anywhere within the vehicle. This gives security unlike any other alarm product on the market, even if a thief was able to find the alarm module and trace back every single wire they still won’t be able to get the vehicle started giving you excellent protection. What do Pandora say?

Pandora now “cuts the cables” by applying wireless technology through Bluetooth LE v4.2 communication protocol to its new generation anti-theft systems. This communication protocol chosen by Pandora is ideal for short-range wireless communication (range up to 10m) because the 128bit AES encryption method is used to transmit the communication data, has a peak current consumption of <15mA, and cannot be detected by another device when it is paired with authorized devices.

No Wires. No Limits. Anti-Theft Protection.

The use of this method significantly increases anti-theft protection of new generation Pandora’s protection systems because it gives freedom of placement of individual peripherals, anywhere in the vehicle we want and as hidden as possible.

Thus, Pandora decentralizes the central unit’s anti-theft functions in sub-units that either send information from built-in sensors (such as engine temperature, humidity, etc.) to the central unit for further processing, or trigger the block for which they are programmed when the communication with the central unit is lost or some movement is detected by the built-in acceleration sensor.

Designing these peripherals with their minimal dimensions and robust construction, Pandora has achieved maximum energy efficiency and full integration and harmonizing with vehicle wiring so as to make them invisible and practically impossible to locate by the prospective thief, even if he has enough time to deal with your vehicle.

Complete Anti-Theft Protection, even if the thieves find and unplug the alarm unit, the engine will turn off as soon as the vehicle start moving.

Ford Custom Van Pandora Light Pro Package

Pandora is the solution to the worried tradesman who are looking for the most advanced protection. Who cares if your alarm is sounding? YOU DO… With the Pandora Light Pro it offers tradesman the ability to know if there alarm is sounding up to 1 mile way. making this the perfect security solutions if you have to park away from a customers home or if you have to stop over in hotels on a regular basis. The Pandora Light pro offers complete control of your vehicle via the remote control and smartphone app which is available for Apple and Android smartphones.

120DB siren plus horn ✅ 128Bit Encrypted remotes ✅ Handsfree arming ✅. Smartphone App ✅. Tilt sensor ✅. Dual Zone Shock sensor✅ Movement sensor ✅. Optional remote start ✅.  2 x immobiliser ✅

There is so much protection Pandora has to offer such as protection for your doors, front, side and rear, dual zone shock sensor, tilt sensor to protect them alloys and onboard motion sensor which is designed to detect lifting and tow away thefts. You can add remote start and dual zone proximity as an optional extra.  The smartphone app allows you to make changes to the settings on the alarm system very quickly giving you total control.

We also offer the new wireless sensor which is designed to protect the sliding and rear barn doors from attempts of door bending and forceful attacks.

Ford Focus RS Pandora Owners Deal

Ford Focus RS owners package deal. We have put together a package which is fully feature packed for just a little more than the most popular immobiliser on the market.

So what’s included in this awesome package?

120DB siren plus horn ✅ 128Bit Encrypted remotes ✅ Handsfree arming ✅. Smartphone App ✅. Tilt sensor ✅. Dual Zone Shock sensor✅ Movement sensor ✅. Optional remote start ✅. Antihijack ✅. 2 x immobiliser ✅

The Pandora Mini BT is the system which offers excellent protection for customers on a budget looking for the very best security. For Focus RS owners we are offering the Mini BT with excellent security options for the very low cost of £499.99! Remember this system offers complete smartphone control unlike any other system in the UK. You can adjust lots of settings via the Pandora smartphone app such as sensor settings, and view history reports from the system.

This system offers OBD immobilisation, Engine ECU Immobilisation and a full alarm system all controlled via a small ADR tag which sits on the vehicles key ring. Without this ADR tag your Focus RS is not going anywhere. The system can also be fully controlled via your smartphone, being able to make quick adjustments such as ADR range, dual zone shock sensor adjustments, tilt adjustments and view all history from the alarm system.

Why not book your Focus RS in today 07525 068291 to grab this special deal for RS owner. Covering the local Essex are via our mobile service.

Pandora Motorbike Alarm

Would you like a motorbike alarm you can arm and not worry about your battery going flat within 2 weeks? The Pandora Moto is the system for you, when armed the system goes into a ultra low battery drain state and allows the Motorbike battery to stay charged for up to 3 months. This is industry leading tech which is hitting the UK this summer 2018.

Complete with up to 1 mile range 2 way LCD remote giving you instant alerts if your bike is tampered with or attacked. Wireless immobilisation relays make tracing wires back to immobiliser connections a thing of the past! Ultra high security and excellent performance all round.

What do Pandora say?

Pandora has produced a new motorcycle alarm system – Pandora Moto, which is to provide every motorcycle with a high security level.

System’s main unit has a waterproof case, a built-in antenna and RF-module. There is also an integrated battery – even if a main motorcycle’s battery is removed, Pandora Moto will be able to continue working for another two or three hours. Hence, it makes possible receiving commands and sending notifications with no one noticing it.

In order to control the system an LCD remote D-010 is used – this is the same remote as the one in Pandora DX-90, but with a special moto-firmware. Remote uses 868 MHz radiofrequency.

Once of a most important system’s feature is a low power usage – from 2 to 6 mA! By using automatically switched consumption modes Pandora Moto is able keep 9 A/h motorcycle’s battery charged enough for 3 months without riding! The system has a siren, a wireless blockage relay and two magnetic contacts in its set.


Pandora Alarm Quality

Pandora is NEW to the UK and is quickly becoming the best known brand for the most advanced security. Pandora have been making alarms since 2004 and they are regarded very highly across the world. All products are made at the Russia HQ. Meaning you are not buying a product from China or Taiwan, Pandora quality control is industry leading.

  What do Pandora say?

Experimental Engineering Factory is a privately owned Russian electronics company, founded in Kaluga city in Western Russia in 2004. Originally profiling in car security systems, nowadays our modern manufacturing facilities are capable of producing virtually any electronics.

Pandora research and development department consists of best engineers, programmers and designers Russian education has to offer, both young and elderly they combine traditionally reliable soviet engineering with cutting edge technology to draft ingenious electronic designs.

Our production department and factory workers then make them into a brilliant reality. That resulting in Pandora being capable of producing custom electronics and microelectronics of almost any complexity.