Help Choosing A Pandora

Simply follow the table guide to choose the best system to suit your requirements…

Many customers are overwhelmed when they look into a Pandora car alarm system due to the amount of products they offer and choosing the right system can be stressful on it’s own. We have made a very simple guide to help you quickly decide what system you need in order to protect your vehicle.

We have given you a basic run down on the systems below.

Pandora Immo – Immobiliser ONLY and this system can offer anti hijack on certain vehicles. The way this immobiliser works is by killing the vehicle on motion meaning it can work perfectly with a vehicle that has factory fitted remote start. This system is disarmed via an ADR tag the same all other Pandora systems are.

Pandora Mini BT – Thatcham Approved – Most common alarm & immobiliser on the market which protects you against key cloning, key scanning and Key Grabbing. Loud 120 db siren with onboard battery back up. Uses an ADR tag to disarm the system. The Mini BT arms and disarms alongside the original vehicle key.

Pandora Light Pro V2 – Thatcham Approved – Exactly the same protection and funtions as the Mini BT however it also features an additional pager which alerts you up to 1 mile away if your alarm is triggered.

Pandora Smart Pro V2 – Thatcham Approved – Exactly the same protection as the Mini BT however it offers full GPS tracking and smartphone alerts meaning if your vehicle is attacked and the alarm sounds the alarm system will phone you and say what zone has triggered.

Pandora Elite – Thatcham Approved – The legendary hybrid alarm system which no other alarm can even come close to matching. The Elite is the alarm system working on the new Bluetooth 5 wavelengh, LORA encription (strongest security in ANY car alarm) and the system also features 4G meaning commands, setting updates and alarm alerts get sent to you as fast as possible. If you want the best choose the Pandora Elite.