Pandora Wireless Shock Sensor

Pandora Wireless Shock

Ideal for van owners wanting the best security to protect the load area. The Pandora Wireless shock detects physical impact ( shock ) & tilting meaning they are the perfect item to fit onto side load and rear barn doors. Thieves are attacking vans on a daily basis and as such owners are looking to do everything possible to secure there vehicles.

The Pandora Wireless shock gives you the best chance of being alerted ( by the siren sounding ) in the first event of the van doors being attacked, if they sense any vibration from drills or hammers the Pandora alarm system will trigger.

Due to the advancements in electrical components the sensors use very little power from the internal CR123 battery. Meaning you only need to replace the battery every 18-24 months. These sensors are an excellent add on to any Pandora van alarm installation.

BMW F Series Pandora Storm Validator Buttons

BMW F Series Validator Buttons

The BMW F Series has been a very popular vehicle platform and as such we wanted to offer customers the ability to use the steering wheel buttons and window buttons to create a pin. Until this customer created pin is entered the vehicle will simply not start. The Pandora Storm still needs to see the Pandora ADR tag to disarm the system also meaning its more secure than any other system currently on the market using 2 forms of driver recognition.

The Pandora Storm is simply an immobiliser that sits in the background meaning there is no siren or other alerts, it’s simply a strong immobiliser. We also offer free anti hijack on all BMW F – Series models meaning if the Pandora ADR tag and Smartphone leave the interior shortly after the vehicle will start counting down and the vehicle will immobilise once motion is detected.

You have a choice of 6 buttons on the BMWs meaning you can create a very stong pin number, most customers create a pin between 4-6 digits long from the buttons avaliable. If you would like a Pandora Storm fitted to your BMW in the Essex area give us a call on 07525 068291.

Pandora Band

The latest release from Pandora the Pandora Band, it is designed to work as a tag to arm and disarm your system along with working as an ADR tag. This is ideal if you have a full alarm and remote start system with the optional Pandora Key. This will then allow you to use your Pandora Band as your vehicles car key. ( only applies to keyless vehicles ).

The band gives you the current time and the status of your vehicle such as locked / unlocked providing your within Bluetooth range. The idea of the Band is to make it very easy to simply open and drive your vehicle without the hassle of keys for example. ( however we always recommend carrying an emergency key & pandora tag incase you forget to charge the Pandora Band.

The Band charges by USB meaning there are no ongoing costs and its simple to use. We can add these to all the newer Pandora alarm range. We only recommend this Band if you have a Pandora Key system installed, if your unsure call us on 07525 068291 to find out more.

Pandora Storm Plus

Exclusive offer

The all new Pandora Storm Plus offering an ultra secure immobiliser along with GPS Tracking and GSM Calls and texts if your vehicle is attacked. The Storm Plus causes no hassle to the vehicles owner simply unlock the vehicle and use your vehicle as normal. The Storm Plus looks for a ADR tag to be in range when unlocking the vehicle, without this tag in range the immobiliser will remain armed and you will get a phone call & text to let you know the vehicle is being attacked.

The Storm Plus is an advancement over the normal Pandora Storm product, many customers were asking for an immobiliser that alerts them if the vehicle is being attacked and the Pandora Storm ticks all the boxes. The Pandora Storm Plus can also use a Bluetooth smartphone in an emergency as an ADR tag to allow the system to turn off. If you don’t have a smartphone to disarm you can always use the secret 4 digit pin number.

We include an exclusive 12 months subscription with the Pandora Storm Plus meaning the system will stay online for 12 months free of charge, after 12 months the subscription is £100 per year to keep the system active. By keeping the subscription active this allows live GPS tracking and Calls / Texts if the vehicle is attacked.

The Pandora Storm Plus uses the Pandora Connect app giving you a large amount of information on the vehicle status such as if the vehicle is locked or unlocked, previous history reports such as locking & unlocking and routes the vehicle has taken.

Pandora VS-24 BT Dual Zone Warn Away

COMING SOON…. Late 2021 The NEW Bluetooth Warn Away Sensor

We have been awaiting this sensor for many years, Pandora has just started production in Russia of the brand new sensor which will be fully adjusted via the app. This sensor will be a complete game changer for anyone wanting warn away on their vehicle. At the moment a customer would need to get to the sensor to make the required adjustments, but when the bluetooth sensor is released it will allow the customer to make even the smallest amount of adjustments via the Bluetooth or GSM app in seconds.

This has taken a very long time to design and as such I am sure the wait will be worth it. The only Pandora system which offered adjustment of the warn away through the app was the Pandora Professional V1, This give customers the ability to make adjustments from the App or the remote control however this was not used any longer when the systems went over to Bluetooth. As such we have been waiting for Pandora to create a Bluetooth sensor.

Bluetooth is the best way to have lots of sensors paired into an alarm system, as such all the latest sensors are Bluetooth from the Pandora range. This sensor is due to be released later this year 2021…

Exclusive 12 months subscription

12 Months FREE subscription for Smart Pro V3 & Elite V2, Camper Models

In Car Advancements offer 12 months FREE subscription on any Smart Pro V3, Elite V2 or Pandora Camper, many customers have always asked why the free subscription only lasts for the first 6 months before they have to pay the normal going rate of £100 per year. We take all comments onboard and this is one we wanted to work on, as such we mangaged to secure a deal with Pandora to offer something other dealers can’t offer.

We you buy a Smart Pro V3 or Elite V2 from others you will only be given the normal 6 months free subscription, this is a In Car Advancements exclusive. The Pandora online systems give you much more protection unlike any other alarm system in the UK.

The online system allows you to get notifications direct to your smartphone such as checking your vehicle is locked or viewing previous history reports. If your alarm is triggered the system will phone you straight away letting you know what zone has been triggered. If you want to find out more call us today on 07525 068291.

Pandora Smart Pro V3 Launched 2021

The latest alarm for 2021

The Pandora Smart Pro v3 is the alarm system other brands could only dream of creating. The Pandora Smart Pro V3 is ultra small and features the very latest tech such as Bluetooth 5 connection and 4G connection. The system working on 4G means the alerts come through to your smartphone almost instantly.

The system will also phone you in the event of an alarm trigger meaning you will know when your alarm is triggered ( even if you can’t hear the alarms siren ). We now offer an exclusive deal when buying through In Car Advancements, we offer a full 12 month subscription FREE of charge when buying a Smart Pro or Elite V2 through us.

The Pandora Smart Pro V3 also features the new style Pandora ADR tags which have just been released in 2021. As always the Pandora uses the most advanced security encription possible on ANY car alarm in the UK. The Smart Pro V3 uses no external components or aerials meaning it can be hidden within the vehicle very well with little chance of being found.

The Pandora Smart Pro has come from a very basic alarm and tracker to the very best system in the market place offering a full alarm, immobilisation, GPS tracking and GSM phone calls and notifications. You will be the first to know if your vehicle is being attacked. We are the Pandora Platinum dealer in the Essex area offering Smart Pro V3 installations, call us today on 07525 068291.

Pandora Wireless OBD Immobiliser

The wireless OBD Immobiliser add on is another layer of protection….

This is a fantastic add on which will wrap your vehicle in protection to work alongside other Pandora immobilsation points within your vehicle. Many customers have had vehicles broken into with key cloning attempts causing damage to the vehicles ECU. This can be a key cloning tool which wasn’t loaded with the correct firmware causing the original ECU file to become corrupt. The wireless Pandora OBD immobiliser completely stops any form of communication with the OBD port when the alarm system is armed.

This works via the secure Pandora wireless link that allows the alarm control unit to communicate with the wireless OBD immobiliser. Meaning if your alarm is armed and a thief is unaware your vehicle is fitted with additional security and the OBD port is attacked no damage can be caused to the vehicles ECU or NO new keys can be cloned in. Simply because the Pandora wireless immobiliser blocks all Can-Bus data being sent and received.

This is a fantastic add on which will slow any thief down massively due to the immobiliser being wireless a thief simply wouldn’t know where it was located within the vehicles harness. And due to it’s size it can be loomed in perfectly.

If your looking to enhance your vehicles OBD security look no further than the Pandora OBD immobiliser, this can be added onto the Pandora Mini BT, Light Pro, Smart Pro and Pandora Elite models.

Pandora Watch 2 Being Released July / August 2020.

This hottest product of 2020

Pandora have been working hard behind the scenes to provide the first car alarm smart watch that gives you everything required to arm & disarm your alarm via the watch. And to view all smartphone notifications from your smartphone. We have been lucky enough to be a product tester of this watch and we have been blown away with it’s performance.

The last part which needs tweeking is the fitness side of the watch. This is currently being worked on by Pandora and they are hoping to release the full product between June – August 2020, meaning the wait is almost over.

The Pandora watch can work with almost all Pandora systems on the market except the Professional V1. Please be aware if you are adding this watch onto an order system your alarm might need a Bluetooth update before it will allow the watch to pair.

The Pandora watch 2 will take the car security to a new level. On certain installs we will be able to make the watch work as your car key meaning you wouldn’t even need to use your vehicles key.

Pandora Elite Released March 2020

Essex Platinum Dealer Exclusive….

The BEST car alarm in the world… The Pandora Elite offers MORE than any other security product on the market, The Pandora Elite offers a full alarm, Immobilisation, GPS Web & Smartphone Tracking, GSM phone alerts over the latest 4G network, A flashing Pandora Windowscreen LED, Lora Encription, The Latest OLED remote control.

The Pandora Elite is simply the best system if you want high end security and your not on a strict budget. The Pandora Elite is ONLY fitted by Platinum dealers in the UK meaning only the best engineers in the UK are fitting them.

The Pandora Elite has more inputs and outputs over any other alarm system meaning the possibilities are endless. With the ability to add more Bluetooth sensors and wireless immobilisers than any other product on the market you could make your vehicle even more secure with another 2 wireless immobilisation modules.

If you would like the Pandora Elite installed in Essex give us a call on 07525 068291.