Pandora IMMO AntiHijack

Key Features…

  • Immobiliser ( ADR ) Tag
  • Immobiliser and AntiHijack System
  • Smartphone Control ( Bluetooth )

Pandora Immo is an advanced anti-theft system for vehicles. The system that is designed using high-efficient integrated solutions is convenient, reliable. With an APP from your smartphone you can adjust any settings via Bluetooth. Immo has the smallest RF tag among similar systems and the highest energy efficiency.

Why Choose the Pandora Immo?

Combat Theft Via Key Cloning, Code Grabbing, Roll Jam, and Cable Tracing!

​The Multifunction 2.4 GHz Radio Interface & Multi-System CAN Interface allows for immobiliser functions with wireless tags and RC engine blocking relay, which increase the anti-theft and anti-hijack defence of your car. The Can Interface allows for a significant increase in anti-theft protection of the modern vehicle by integrating Pandora security system Protocols with the original car electronics.

​Using new AES coding algorithms and dynamic dialogue service information exchange, the possibility of electronic hack and theft (vehicle key cloning) has been considerably reduced, if not Eliminated for the force-able future.

Product Description

The immobilizer has a built-in three-coordinate accelerometer (motion sensor) that allows blocking engine when starts moving. It prevents device detection and allows for remote start and engine preheating to operate without deactivation of anti-theft immobilizer function.

Total Security

Pandora Immo is equipped with blocking relay, Bluetooth transponder tags and uses elaborate AntiHiJack algorithms to ensure adequate response to theft attempts.

Advanced control

Pandora Immo utilizes Bluetooth 4.2 to connect to a smartphone and transponder tags. Android & iOS app “Pandect BT” is available on Google Play & Apple Store and allows adjusting all the functions of the device and receiving information about its status.

Low energy consumption

The system is built for efficiency –with Bluetooth 4.2 Low Power it consumes very little energy and does not prevent car systems from entering sleep mode.

Quality Assurance

Our systems are designed by professional engineers, and are produced on a full-cycle factory in Russia. We take pride in thorough quality control on every step of production to ensure the best results possible.